Friday, September 12, 2008

Bangkok Khao San Road

Got into Bangkok at 12.30 pm yesterday, got a taxi down to the Khao San Road and met Casey in an Irish bar there. On the way in we passed rows of open backed army trucks full of soldiers and a good few hundred police sitting around smoking with their riot shields at the ready.
My taxi driver insisted on taking me on a free detour to show me "The king House" which seemed to be a large compound full of cows from what I could see from the road. As for a state of emergency, the long haired, 60 year old hippies that have been here for 30 years certainly dont seem to think anything is wrong so im gonna trust their instincts.
Met Jay at about 10.30 last night when he got in.
True what they say about budget accommodation in Thailand, we had a good few, inch long, dead cockroaches in our shower! The innovative owners had also decided to save on fancy air conditioning units by simply installing the cooler unit from a refrigerated truck on the ceiling. This unfortunately meant that the temperature settings for our room were tropical or arctic with nothing in between. But hey, what do you expect when your paying 2 pounds 50 a night!

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