Saturday, August 30, 2008

11507 miles home, 8000 on the train

The big adventure starts on September 12th. We're (Me and Jay) flying into Bangkok (As long as the airports remain open). We have a month in Thailand taking in various, yet undecided locations. From there we are getting a flight to Phenom Penn in Cambodia on the 7th October from Bangkok. Travelling up to Si em Reap and the Temples of Angkor Wot where they filmed the tomb raider films. After that we will be venturing to the Laos and Vietnam before travelling over land to Beijing to meet the trans Siberian train to take us first to Mongolia where we are booked to stay in a Ger camp and do some sightseeing. From there its onwards to Moscow for a few days of sight seeing before we fly out to Riga in Latvia to take in some Eastern European sights and sounds and then a flight out back to Stansted on about the 18th of December in time to see everyone for Christmas. Watch this space for updates as often as they are possible. Dependant of course on the reliability of Internet connections in these various places.

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