Monday, September 22, 2008

The sleeper from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

After losing a few lazy, hazy days, sat on a picture perfect beach on Koh Chang, we finally got the momentum together to get the only truck out of our deserted beach Paradise at 8 AM on Monday.
After about an hour up and down un-tarmacked mountain roads we got back to the ferry port and sailed across to Trat on the mainland. From there we waited about an hour and got on a "VIP" bus back to Bangkok. Our double-decker VIP bus was painted in full Finding Nemo livery and had a sound system more akin to a super club than a tourist bus. The owners of said bus had also installed a loud speaker on the exterior so that they could shout abuse at hapless nearby motorists while the huge bus, full of nail biting tourists, swayed from side to side as they cut them up on blind corners!
Having survived that part of the journey we arrived at Bangkok Ekimie bus station and took a cab across grid-locked Bangkok to the Northern train station.
Half an hour later we were aboard the 7.35 special express to Chiang Mai. A 15 hour sleeper. Moments after we had found our bunks, the carriage attendant came past to check our tickets. After taking one look at us she hurried off and came back with a card table and an Ice bucket full of beers. She handed us a menu to peruse and an hour later we were sitting down to a four course meal whilst chugging our way north out of Bangkok.
A few games of poker and bottles of Singer later we retired to bed.
I was woken this morning to the sun streaming in as we meandered our way through the lush jungle forests of northen Thailand. An hour later we had arrived in Chiang Mai.
We checked into a three person room at a place called Julie's guest house and set out to send our postcards, use the internet and get a few beers.

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