Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Koh Chang, Easy Rider

Arrived on the last ferry from the mainland to Koh Chang two nights ago. Took 5 hours on the bus from Bangkok to Trat (the ferry terminal). Really nice island south of the capital. We found a backpackers place in an area called lonely beach. We got huts right on the beach for 60 baht each. About a pound a night. The food here is amazing. Thai curries three times a day.
Yesterday me and Casey got bikes and drove with Jay on the back into the unknown, hoping to circumnavigate the entire island. We stopped along the way to have a look at a few waterfalls. The scenery on the cost roads was amazing.
After driving for 3 hours we realised that the road didn't in fact go right around the island, it was getting dark, a tropical storm was brewing and we were at least a 3 hour drive from where we were staying. We were running on fumes, there was nowhere to get any more petrol and the roads were partially blocked by landslides from the storm the night before.
We decided to press on, and after negotiating some of the scariest and muddiest roads and tracks I have ever been on, let alone driven a motorbike, with passenger on, we arrived at a place called tree house, long beach. Miles from anywhere full of rasta looking Thais smoking weed, whittling swords from driftwood and drumming along on their bongos to various Lee scratch Perry and Bob Marley numbers.
After a few bottles of Chang and Singer we retired to our palm roofed hut on the beach.
We woke up this morning early in order to try and return our bikes to the other side of the island.
After asking around, a Thai pointed me in the direction of a hut down the beach where I might be able to find some petrol. I started wandering down the beach with crabs scuttling out of my way on both sides.
I clambered over some dead trees towards the hut. As i did so I looked down to see a dark blue and purple snake about 2 foot long, but very skinny looking back at me. I started backing up a little and as soon as I did the snake shot for cover.
When I got to the hut the place was deserted. As I wandered around looking for any signs of life a bald headed french guy arose from his stupor in a hammock under a tree.
After explaining the situation the guy lit up another spliff to help him thing how best it could be resolved.
After hearing his plans to turn his rusty jeep, two scooters and a hut on the beach into a Paradise resort for a good 20 minutes, the gange wore off a little and he suddenly remembered why there was someone else in his island Paradise. After a further 20 minutes searching for a siphon tube he decanted me a litre of two stroke from one of his bikes and sent me on my way.
3 hours later, me and Casey arrived back at the first place we stayed on the other side of the island. Returned the bikes and asked about getting back again. The next cab is in about 18 hours so after writing this I'm off to get myself a cocktail and have a little swim, Hard life!

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