Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bangkok Grand Palace

This morning (well, this afternoon following a Chang - over) we took the local river taxi from Prah Attich pier, just at the end of the road that we are staying on, to the Bangkok Grand palace.

Whilst waiting for the water taxi, a man in the crowd started throwing a pram containing a child wildly from side to side. As we all looked round we were just in time to see the worried father of the child, grab an orange snake that had been crawling up the side of the pram towards his son, and toss it into the river below!

Ten minutes down the river we arrived at the royal palace pier and walked the short distance to the palace.

On the way home we took our first tuk-tuk ride thus far in Thailand.

Tonight we are all off to a ping pong show, something to do with table tennis I think!

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