Thursday, October 9, 2008

Koh Phang Ngan

hWe took the 45 minute ferry across from Buddha Beach on Koh Samui to Had Rin Beach on Koh Pang Nyan. As soon as we arrived we realised that the place was a lot more "us "than Koh Samui. The streets were crawling with scruffy backpackers on scooters and quad bikes. We checked into the Same Same guesthouse and headed down to have a look at the infamous Had Rin beach, home of Thailands full moon parties.

Although the full moon party was two weeks away, the whole place had an electric, party atmosphere. That night we headed down to Had Rin for a few of the buckets advertised below!

The entire mile long stretch of beach was fronted by stalls selling cheap booze and bars with enormous speaker systems hanging down from the roofs.

Seven hours later we were still drinking rum, coke and Redbull out of buckets and dancing the night away while being chatted up by ladyboys and watching the fire shows put on by each of the bartenders, along with some wasted foreigners. A certain someone I know would have put them to shame!

The next few days consisted mainly of recovering from Chang-overs and sitting on beaches.

A few days later we started our epic 23 hour journey to Phnom Penh.

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